Gateway 2019 Guests

Alan Bahr


Alan Bahr is the lead designer and founder of Gallant Knight Games. A game designer best known for the TinyD6 line of games, along with other games such as Cold Shadows, For Coin & Blood, Planet Mercenary, Gallant Pocket Games, and many more, Alan is the owner/operator of Gallant Knight Games.

He’s an avid fan of Noir films, Arthurian mythos, smooth jazz, clever role-playing games, and his amazing wife.

Ben Woerner


Ben Woerner is a father, husband, and game designer. In 2014, he Kickstarted and published World of Dew, a samurai noir roleplaying game. In 2018, he returned with Nighty Knights, a game of stuffed animals protecting sleeping children from monsters and nightmares.

He’s a freelance writer and developer and has worked for John Wick Presents on multiple projects including as a developer on the Ennie Award winning 7th Sea Pirate Nations. He also has written on Warhammer 40K: Wrath & Glory, Scion 2nd Edition, multiple TinyD6 lines for Gallant Knight Games, and many more!

He’s a big fan of mitigated success in game design. He is an even bigger fan of his daughter, his son, and the loveliest of all women, his wife, Emily.

Email if you would like to contact him about past or current projects.

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Tom Jolly


Tom Jolly is best known for his 1985 game Wiz-War, but has designed or co-designed over twenty other games (Drakon, Cavetroll, Disk Wars, Energy Empire, etc.). While still designing games, he now spends most of his time writing SF and fantasy, with stories published in Analog SF, Daily SF, Compelling SF, New Myths, and a number of anthologies, including “As Told By Things” and “Shards”. He lives in Santa Maria, California, with his wife Penny in a place where mountain lions and black bears still visit. You can discover more of his stories and games at

John Wick


John Wick is Chaosium's Creative Director for 7th Sea. Since getting his start in 1995, John has published dozens of games and won over a dozen awards. His games include Legend of the Five Rings RPG, 7th Sea, Orkworld, Houses of the Blooded and Cat: A Little Game about Little Heroes.

John was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason, is a Discordian Double Agent, sings (but not well), still has the first dollar bill he made telling stories, uses Qabalic rituals on his birthday to help his friends walk up the Tree of Life, was a memetic assassin (it was a corgi), maintains a clutch of Monsters, saw a man cut in half while working as a breakman on the railroad, beat the Devil in a game of riddles, fell asleep in a goth club, plays drums (but not well), was healed by Harlan Ellison, met and talked to characters he created, and wrote this bio. And it's all true.

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Jason Mills


Jason Mills is the creator of Demigods, a PBTA game about the children of gods. Cutting his teeth on first edition Shadowrun unlocked the hidden skills of “house ruling on the fly”, “letting the players do whatever they want”, and “nobody wants to count bullets anyway”. These secret magicks have made him a world* famous game-runner, and given him the chance to design his own game. Demigods is his first publication, with more on the way. You can find him at @itsProbablyOk on Twitter. (spoiler: he loves talking about mythology) *at least TWO other countries, IT COUNTS OK?