Orccon 2020 Guests

Todd VanHooser


Todd VanHooser is the author of the Laughing Moon Chronicles and the designer of the Wheelhouse tabletop RPG. Over the years, this series has expanded to include novels, short stories, comic books, artwork, and original character and creature designs showcased at pop culture and comic conventions in the South West. His latest venture, Laughing Moon: Wheelhouse, takes us into the post-apocalyptic world of Mythren after a catastrophic event broke the moon. Todd has transitioned from author to storyteller, swapping the writer’s keyboard for online streaming and sharing his stories through the official Laughing Moon Twitch channel, wheelhouseRPG, and Patreon.

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Griffin Maria


Griffin Maria is a regular gamer and personality on the Laughing Moon: Wheelhouse Twitch channel, and a self-proclaimed master roller of 1s. Equal parts tabletop gamer, fantasy cosplayer, model, and geek, Griffin has been an integral part of the Laughing Moon crew since the channel launched. Seen at numerous conventions costumed as her tabletop characters, Griffin has been able to bring original characters to life both at the gaming table and as well as in real life. Her energetic gaming style infuses the tabletop game with a sense of fun, but it’s her lack of an internal filter that keeps Twitch viewers entertained and coming back for more.

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