Gateway 2019 Special Events

Strategicon Football League - 2019

Fantasy Football

It's baaack! FANTASY FOOTBALL! - A live draft for 16 teams will be held to kick off the 10th season of the SFL.

Large Scale Formula Dé

Formula De

Come and join the new Monday morning tournament! Large scale Formula De has arrived at Strategicon...bigger track, bigger cars, bigger action!! Monday at 10am in the International Ballroom. All materials provided, no prior experience needed!

Boffer LARPs

Gateway 2019 has soldiers, werewolves and vampires in our "Boffer Showcase", and Karaoke in the Apocalypse 47.

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Repeating But Unique Events

Monday MEGA Tournament

MEGA payouts now $50/$40/$30/$20.

Family Area

Family Track and Area

We are happy to announce that we have an area set aside for family games on the 2nd floor in the Foyer before Video Games and Collectibles. There will be a number of games and puzzles for families and younger players to play. Also, some of our Kids and Family events are scheduled in the area. Come and check us out.

Scheduled Kids Only Events

Scheduled Family Events

Note: Not all Kids Only or Family Events are scheduled for the Family Area. Please check with the appropriate department for event location.

Paint and Take

Strategicon Paint and Take

Located at the edge of Miniatures in International Ballroom A, Paint and Take is a place to sit, wind down and learn about miniature figurine painting from our great staff! A number of generous sponsors (GMI, Games Workshop, Reaper, etc.) have provided miniatures and paint, but feel free to bring your own minis. All levels are welcome, from absolute beginner to expert.

We now have a number of painting tutorials scheduled starting at 7pm Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Miniature Painting 101

We now have a number of 1 hr painting tutorials scheduled after the Paint and Take closes. Located at the edge of Miniatures in International Ballroom A.

Saturday and Sunday, 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

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RPG Games On Demand

Want to play or run smaller independent press RPGs and story games? Or didn’t get into the game you wanted? Come join us at RPG Games on Demand. We will pitch games shortly after start time. Examples include Microscope, The Quiet Year, Dungeon World, Monster of the Week, and many more. (Unless a game states otherwise, we use safety mechanics such as the X-card:

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Demo Sessions

Come learn the latest games at the Game Library! New titles from publishers like Rio Grande, Queen, Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder, Gamewright, Mayday Games and more will be explained to new players looking to try them out.

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