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Orccon 2017
Presidents Day
Feb 17 - Feb 20
Gamex 2017
Memorial Day
May 26 - May 29
Gateway 2017
Labor Day
Sep 1 - Sep 4
Hilton Los Angeles Airport, 5711 W Century Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90045

Other Information

Photo Albums
An archive of all the photos the conventions have acquired over the years. Ordered as best as possible by Convention and Year.
Downloadable Files
Contains Forms, Fliers and Con Books. Con Books will be added as time permits to include all the way back to the first Strategicon.
Supporting Gaming Groups
A list of Gaming Groups that help us put on such a great show.
Our Sponsors
Companies, groups and individuals that have contributed product to our conventions.
New to Gaming
Information to get someone new to gaming convention get started in their experience.
For Parents
An introduction to our conventions for parents of attendees.
Places to Eat
Local places to find or have food delivered from.
Local Game Stores
Local is relative. A list of game stores located in Central and Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.
Non-Gamer Activies
A list of possible places of interest for those who do not wish to try the gaming experience.
Links and Mailing Lists
Resources and Mailing Groups for gamers.
Media Guidelines
What we require for a media badge.
Our advertising information.