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Orccon 2016
Presidents Day
Feb 12 - Feb 15
Gamex 2016
Memorial Day
May 27 - May 30
Gateway 2016
Labor Day
Sep 2 - Sep 5
Hilton Los Angeles Airport, 5711 W Century Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90045

Gamex 2016 Guests

Special Guests Include...

Jeremy Lennert


Jeremy Lennert has been designing games as long as he can remember, and is particularly obsessed with variable powers, which play a major role in most of his designs. He is best known for his dark fantasy cooperative game Darkest Night, the second edition of which is currently on Kickstarter. He lives in Orange County, CA, where he works as a software developer.

Michael Coe


Designer, publisher and actor Michael Coe began publishing board games in 2011. He has successfully funded over 10 Kickstarter projects for a collective sum of more than $1M. His most successful publication, Tiny Epic Galaxies, has been printed in 5 languages and was the second most backed board game project in Kickstarter history.

Coe began designing games at a young age, and his deep passion for games is evident in Gamelyn Games’ mission: to share inspiration with players, spark creativity within them and provide memorable experiences that bring them together. He and his wife, Brittany, live with their daughter Jolene in Phoenix, AZ.