Orccon 2014
Presidents Day
Feb 14 - Feb 17
Gamex 2014
Memorial Day
May 23 - May 26
Gateway 2014
Labor Day
Aug 29 - Sep 1

Hilton Los Angeles Airport, 5711 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90045
Gamex 2014 Important Dates!
  • Final Hotel registration
    by May 9
  • Register your game
    by May 2
  • Game sign-up
    opens May 3
  • Preregister for Con
    by May 19

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Orccon 2014 Guests

Guests of Honor - The Looneys


Andrew & Kristin Looney
Founders of Looney Labs

Kristin and Andy met while they both worked at NASA, as an Electronics Engineer and Programmer, respectively.  They quickly hit it off, and, among their many wacky side projects was a part-time game business.  By 1999, they had both "jumped off the cliff," quitting their day jobs to devote themselves to Looney Labs full-time – Kristin as President, and Andy as Chief Creative Officer.

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Andrew Looney
Chief Designer

Andy is the Chief Creative Officer for Looney Labs, and is the designer of numerous games including Fluxx, Chrononauts, Aquarius, IceDice, and the Looney Pyramids game system. Andy is also a writer, a photographer, a cartoonist, a blogger, and a marijuana-legalization advocate. Andy lives with his wife Kristin (and their housemate Alison) somewhere near Washington DC. He's a Hippie, a Trekkie, and a Geek. He's been an Eagle Scout and a NASA engineer, he's gotten patents and won awards, he's written a novel, he designed and coded a videogame, and he once watched as his software was launched into space. Andy loves cake.


Kristin Looney
Business Czar

Kristin spent her first 15 years after college working as an Electronics Engineer at NASA and an IT Manager in the aerospace industry - while running a little part-time game business on the side in her spare time. In early 1999 she jumped off the cliff, leaving her day job behind to work full-time running and growing Looney Labs.The games of Looney Labs are available worldwide, in large part due to Kristin's business and marketing savvy. Kristin fosters the large community of fans known as "Looney Labs Game Technicians" who are spreading the word of Looney Labs far and wide. Kristin's earliest claim to fame came at age 16 when she solved a Rubik's Cube in 35.50 seconds on That's Incredible, and her enthusiasm for puzzles and games is still going strong.

Special Guests Include...

Todd VanHooser


Todd VanHooser is the author of the Laughing Moon Chronicles and the designer of the RPG based on his fantasy fiction. In addition to being an author and game designer, he is also a high-school English teacher and hosts an annual convention that introduces high-schoolers to the pop-culture and gaming worlds. His Laughing Moon team is known in the southwest to run some of the most epic fantasy adventures found on the convention scene. A close-knit group of gamers, the Laughing Moon Crew encourages good old-fashioned role-playing while at the table, plenty of dice rolling, and usually a lot of laughs along the way. ' More information can be found at www.toddvanhooser.com.

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Peter Vaughan


Peter Vaughan's first game, Nightmare Cove, was a "Choose-Your-Own" style horror RPG made in collaboration with Evil Plot Games. Ever since, he's been on a quest for gamers to share their adventures. In 2013, he formed Squirmy Beast to publish his Kickstarter-funded and "Strategicon tested" food fight card game, "What the Food?!"

Join Peter on the board gaming floor Saturday and Sunday for the first-ever What the Food?! tournament. Rack up points for fun, exclusive cards and prizes, and see what's up and coming from Squirmy Beast and other indie designers in the area!

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John Wick


John Wick is an author and game designer ... was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason... uses his knowledge of confidence games for the power of good ... made love to a beautiful woman in a thunderstorm... is a Discordian Double Agent... died three times... hates your favorite game... was married to the same woman twice... got divorced ...was celibate for two years... married Wonder Woman... is still married and happier than he's ever been... still has the first dollar he ever made telling stories... used Qabalic rituals to walk his friends up the Tree of Life... has friends who are better game designers... thinks Harry Potter and Bella Swann should mate and make little Mary Sue babies... has his own Monster... calls himself an "omnitheist" (because you can't have too many messiahs)... saw a man cut in half while working as a breakman on the Union Pacific Railroad... gets all the snuggles... dates a paintscribe... half-owns a cat with his wife... is Johnjwick on X-Box Live... beat the Devil in a game of riddles... sings (but not well)... fell asleep in a goth club... plays drums... spent a summer crossing the country telling stories... collects orks... still believes in Santa Claus... shook the hand of Sherlock Holmes... was personally healed by Harlan Ellison... was too bashful to speak to Jewel Staite... met and talked with characters he created... wrote this bio. And It's All True!

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