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Orccon 2016
Presidents Day
Feb 12 - Feb 15
Gamex 2016
Memorial Day
May 27 - May 30
Gateway 2016
Labor Day
Sep 2 - Sep 5
Hilton Los Angeles Airport, 5711 W Century Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90045

Gateway 2015 Guests

Special Guests Include...

Jeff Siadek


With “Battlestations”, “Lifeboat”, “Worst Game Ever”, and “Who Would Win?”, Jeff Siadek has made a career out of designing across a wide spectrum of gaming.

He has been a fixture of the L.A. convention scene since 1979. His first published credit was in a “Car Wars” product for Steve Jackson Games in 1987. He founded Gamesmiths in 1992 and later Gorilla Games in 2004.

Jeff's BA in philosophy and broad range of day jobs, - climbing guide, substitute elementary teacher for L.A. Unified, driver, restaurant assistant manager, game store manager, office temp, water polo coach, and many other flunky positions – hasn't made him qualified as a game designer and publisher as much as uniquely unqualified to do anything else.

His lovely wife and 2 delightful daughters are the keys to any success he has.

Jeff's interests outside of gaming include Ultimate and basketball. His current favorite games to play that he didn't design are “Agricola”, “10 days”, “Chaosmos”, and “What's He Building in There?”

Jeff Siadek doesn't own any goats and has a great respect for people who read bios all the way to the end.

Jack Greene


A native of California, Jack Greene is semi-retired from the soils and geology inspections field. A wargamer since the 1960s, he worked for SDC (best known for Conflict magazine), Avalon Hill, spent a summer with Battleline and ran Quarterdeck Games for 7 years. Jack has a dozen published games including BISMARCK (1978 ed.), IRONBOTTOM SOUND, NORWAY-1940 and the forthcoming JUTLAND: FLEET ADMIRAL II from Consim Press.

He also has 6 published books including the co-authored Hitler Strikes North and Rommel’s North Africa Campaign. Jack has recently started Quarterdeck International and will be importing the bilingual boxed version of IRON BOTTOM SOUND III from Japan. It features new scenarios, mounted board and updated rules with new graphics throughout.

His latest design, BEAR FLAG REPUBLIC, centers on the the war for California in 1846-47 and represents where he envisions wargame designs are heading in this decade. It makes use of large counters, a large space-to-space map with short and concise rules of play, supported by tactical card play.

Rick Loomis


Rick Loomis started his game company in 1970 and started the "play by mail" industry at the same time. He claims to be the first person to buy a computer solely to play games on it (a Raytheon 704 minicomputer in 1972.) He still runs PBM games, although most players now play by email. In 1975 he bought the rights to publish the Nuclear War card game, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Rick created the expansion sets Nuclear Escalation, Nuclear Proliferation, and WMD. He also wrote the first solitaire adventure for any role playing game: "Buffalo Castle" for Tunnels & Trolls. You can follow him on Twitter at @buffalorick and find out more about his games at flyingbuffalo.com.

Doug Malewicki


Doug Malewicki designed the Nuclear War card game in 1965 at age 26, while he was a rocket scientist doing structural dynamic analysis on the Apollo Man-to-the-Moon project. Did you know that Super Germ is a cartoon character based on the Apollo Command Module, the capsule where the 3 astronauts lived in very close quarters for the trip to and back from the Moon?

Doug is now a very healthy 76-year-old Geezer. Nuclear War is the only game he ever produced; he bores easily and likes to try new things often, as you will see if you go through the invention list in the Appendix of his new eBook, Fit at 75: 75 Is the New 50... If You Want It to Be!

Doug would like to thank publisher and longtime friend Rick Loomis, mildly sane artist Steve Crompton and app developer Rick Roszco, to whom he credits the longevity of Nuclear War.