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Orccon 2017
Presidents Day
Feb 17 - Feb 20
Gamex 2017
Memorial Day
May 26 - May 29
Gateway 2017
Labor Day
Sep 1 - Sep 4
Hilton Los Angeles Airport, 5711 W Century Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90045

Orccon 2017 Special Events

Pre-Register for Convention
Starship Selket: Wave One - www.waveonelarp.com - Early 2018

Crisis Aboard the Starship Seshet

Can You Escape?

An escape room-style LARP set in the world of Starship Valkrie. You and five other crew members have only one hour to figure out what went wrong in the Seshet cargo hold during a routine hyperspace jump. Expect cooperative puzzle solving with light role-playing and minimalist rules with no experience necessary.

First event starts Friday 6pm. Ten events total during the con.

Also, consider joining the fun in our returning Starship Valkyrie game Sunday at 2pm.

For information about the blockbuster larp Starship Seshet is a sample of, check out http://www.waveonelarp.com/.

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Settlers of Catan 2017 National Qualifier

Orccon 2017 is proud to be hosting a Catan National Championship (CNC) Qualifier. Qualifying rounds will be held on Friday and Saturday for the Sunday Finals. The winner will go to the Catan National Championship at Origins in June. There will be an entry fee of $10 per qualifier.

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Happy Jacks RPG Podcast

Happy Jacks RPG Podcast

Happy Jacks RPG Podcast is a passionate, irreverent roundtable discussion of the tabletop RPG hobby. At conventions, the hosts open up the mics to the audience to talk about their gaming experiences at the conventions and discuss ways to improve their experience at the table.

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Midnight MEGA - Glory to Rome

Orccon 2017 Midnight MEGA event on Saturday is Glory to Rome.

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Strategicon Repeating But Unique Events

Boot Camp

Miniature Boot Camp

We are hosting a number of miniature game demos. Many of the hottest and newest will be showcased. Daily from 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday!

Come by for some short and quick demonstrations of these miniature games. Miniatures are provided.

List of scheduled miniatures demos

Family Track and Area

We are happy to announce that we have an area set aside for family games on the 2nd floor in the Foyer before Video Games and Collectibles. There will be a number of games and puzzles for families and younger players to play. Also, some of our Kids and Family events are scheduled in the area. Come and check us out.

Note: Not all Kids Only or Family Events are scheduled for the Family Area. Please check with the appropriate department for event location.

Strategicon Paint and Take

Located at the edge of Miniatures in International Ballroom A, Paint and Take is a place to sit, wind down and learn about miniature figurine painting from our great staff! A number of generous sponsors (GMI, Games Workshop, Reaper, etc.) have provided miniatures and paint, but feel free to bring your own minis. All levels are welcome, from absolute beginner to expert.

Demo Sessions

Come learn the latest games at the Game Library! New titles from publishers like Rio Grande, Queen, Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder, Gamewright, Mayday Games and more will be explained to new players looking to try them out.

Review the list of all scheduled demos